[INFO] Kolloquium 1

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[INFO] Kolloquium 1

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Hello all,

Anita Dietrich Neunkirchner has put together an information for the KOLLOQUIUM 1
Right now it is in German (we will translate it to English in the next weeks), but because I was asked about it today, here is the quick translation of the major points. A whole english translation will be provided soon.

You can register for the Colloquium (an email to office@sfu.ac.at and to office@psi-innsbruck.at) ...
[quote]... once you do a couple of theoretical classes in B5/B6 (Psychopathology, treatment technique, anamnesis seminar and at least 1 first interview observatioN),
... once you have at least 80 hours of your own analysis,
... and once you have enough material from your praktikum to write and discuss your anamneses (3 written, 2 oral),[/quote]

For very quick students this can happen in B6 already,
for most I think it happens in M1, for a few in M2 or later.
Be careful that only after Kolloquium 1 you are a "therapist under supervision" where you can see patients and collect the 630 hours needed for Fachspezifikum/Master!

[quote]Anamnesis info (NEW):

For the anamnesis you can use the material you obtained in your Praktikum experiences.
2 oral anmesnsis can be discussed in the provided classes at SFU (e.g. anamnesis seminars, etc.),
3 anamneses have to be handed in to PSI in written form (at least 3 weeks before Kolloquium 1).
2 (or all 3) written anamnesis must be from patient contact that lasted over multiple hours.
1 written anamnesis can be based on a 1 hour first interviews in our SFU clinic (usually together with Mag. Eva Pritz)[/quote]

More info attached, english version to follow soon.
Informationsblatt Kolloquium 1.pdf
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