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Students Research Award-english

Beitragvon Brigitte Sindelar am 24 Jan 2016, 01:11

Announcement of the Rektorat 13.11.2014

== SFU Student Research Award == 500 EUR

We want to motivate our student of Psychotherapy Sciences and Psychology to present their research projects at scientific conferences. When you present your work as a poster or active panel talk you can apply for the “SFU Student Research Award“.

- All BA, MA and PHD students of SFU can apply for the research award. Each semester we will award the five best scientific presentations.
- Please hand in your conference abstract until 1.2. (winter term) and 1.7. (summer term). Abstracts can be handed in for conferences you attended the past semester. Also hand in a proof of participation.
- The abstracts will be reviewed by a committee, each semester the best five presentations will be awarded. The abstracts will be published in the SFU Research Bulletin and the winners will receive a study fee reduction of 500 EUR for the following semester.

Application can be send to:

Deadline for winter term: 1.2.
Deadline for summer term: 1.7.

Attachments required: Abstract and proof of participation

After the committee has chosen the winners, they will be informed via email.

We are looking forward to your applications,

Dr. Kathrin Mörtl & Univ.-Prof. Dr. Brigitte Sindelar
In the name of the Rektorat of SFU
Brigitte Sindelar
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Re: Students Research Award-english

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Re: Students Research Award-english

Beitragvon HaseebUddin am 20 Jan 2021, 12:56

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