As conducting is exactly what we do everytime we can in Rune

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As conducting is exactly what we do everytime we can in Rune

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LEVELS 50-61 Tuna This is the first fish you will stop burning because at level 59 with Cooking Gauntlets and at Cooking Range you can not fail to create this one. Also from this point of this skill training manual should you follow next leveling measures you won't be burning any further meals.

LEVELS 61-76 Lobsters Though you want around 9k Lobster cooked to get into the next stage this is quite a inexpensive method since raw Lobsters are usually catched by fishers and cooked ones are selling nicely. Now, if you have not started cooking at Hosidius home yet you should really start doing that.

LEVELS 76-82 Swordfish. After 76 you can cook Swordfish. In this level bracket, you will need around 9k Swordfishes cooked prior to going to another step. This is the top (F2P) free to play cooking fish.

LEVELS 82-89 Monkfish. This is the part of the guide where cooking starts to be rewarding. Monkfishes are extremely good concerning experience and decent as a moneymaker. You may need around 16k of those cooked to move on. This method is simply for p2p (members) and requires completion of Swan Song quest if you would like to catch those on your own.

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