Components of Unified Communications

Components of Unified Communications

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Components of Unified Communications

Advancements and enhancements are a constant in the world of technology and communication. It is more important than ever to corral the compatible components of this evolving industry and allow them to become your allies in business and success. Unified Communications has many facets, and the list continues to grow. Here are a few of the most commonly integrated components:

Video Conferencing
Voice Conferencing
Instant Messaging/Chat
Collaboration/document sharing
Integrated and unified messaging: voicemail, email, fax, sms,
Customer Record Management (CRMs) or Electronic Medical Records (ERMs)
Unified Communications and Collaboration systems team up with many forms of technology, utilizing advances in the industry to maximize quality and efficiency.

IP-PBX OM50G (<50)

VoIP Gateway MX60E (16-48)

Recording management system
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