epson printer offline fix windows 10

epson printer offline fix windows 10

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According to Intuit, Error Code -6190, -82: “QuickBooks was unable to open the file [pathfilename] on the host” is an error that can occur when running QuickBooks in multi-user mode on Windows Server. It’s caused because the company file (a file with an extension of .qbw) doesn’t match the transaction log (a file with an extension of .tlg). If a company file without the matching transaction log file was updated on another computer and copied back to the server, the two files wouldn’t match.

The simple fix is to locate the mismatched transaction log file (.tlg) and delete it. QuickBooks will automatically re-create it on printer offline fix windows 10

It’s a good idea to know the folder in which your QuickBooks company file and associated transaction log file are located. Once you’ve resolved this error and can successfully launch QuickBooks, you can confirm the File Information for that company by pressing F2 while QuickBooks is running. Doing so will display the Product Information window. The Location field shows the path to that company file.
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