Lookig for an apartment in Vienna? - some online RESSOURCES

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Lookig for an apartment in Vienna? - some online RESSOURCES

Beitragvon Kathrin.Moertl am 01 Jul 2014, 14:24

Hi all,

here is some basic info for people who are looking for rooms/apartments. Please all feel free to add ressources and infos that have worked for you:

Following links are mainly in German, but I think browsing is intuitive enough. Also some adds are aposted in German and English for interntional students. The word "WG" means "Wohngemeinschaft" and describes a shared apartment with roommates. "Zimmer" / "Room" usually refers to the same (to have one room inside of a bigger apartment with other people). You probably want to check the box "Mieten" / "Rent", and not "Kaufen" / "Buy" ;) Be careful with the word "Zwischenmiete" this means the room is only available for a couple of weeks or months (e.g. over the summer).

The one from the online platform of an Austrian newspaper:
(there is also an Iphone App you can find about this)

Then the facebook group called:
"WG´s, Mietwohnungen, Eigentumswohnungen, Zimmer in Wien"
(it is closed, you have to apply to join, but usually happens within 24 hours)

And also here (it is for Germany, but you can find lots of Viennese flats there too):

The districts 2-9 are the inner districts, very nice, also a bit more expensive (district 1 is not affordable usually).
Also the outer districts are very nice (depends on the corner), I would say orientate yourself with the subway stations. As soon as you are close to a subway, it is sometimes better to live further outside, lets say district 14 or 15. Its often greener, and also cheaper. Distances in Vienna are short, so living close to a subway stop will get to the city center in max. 15 minutes whereevee you live in the city.

If on google maps you search for Vienna, and then search for "2. Bezirk" you will see the area of this district easily. Being close to subway U2 (purple one) is an advantage because the new SFU building (starting in March 2015) will be right at the U2 stop "Messe/Prater"

Hope this helps you a bit,
best wishes, Kathrin Moertl
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