Some frequently asked questions with answers from ELP staff

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Some frequently asked questions with answers from ELP staff

Beitragvon Kirsha am 19 Feb 2014, 15:17

1. Could there be any possibility to get a Master Diploma (not for researchers) without completing 630 hours of 'Praktika' with patients?

- In fact this was the whole idea why to implement a "Research Master". Here is why: SFU psychotherapy sciences was created to train therapists in Austria, at university. So to say to put together the BA/MA studies with the Propädeutikum/Fachspezifikum, so at the end of your time at SFU, you receive the MA certificate from us, and at the same time are eligible to register as licensed psychotherapist in Austria.

Now, in the ELP specifically, some students have always said to us: we are actually NOT looking to becoming therapists in Austria, but, e.g., to go back to Croatia to be a therapist there, or another example, to go on to do another MA in the UK. For these students, in the past, we have sometimes made slight modifications in the studies. If students do not want to be therapists in Austria, the strict rules from the Austrian ministry don’t apply. For example: the huge amount of Praktikum hours! So, in the past we made tailor-made modifications and allowed some students to fill the Praktikum with other psychotherapy research and academic activities.

Now, this has led to 1.) confusion ("why do other students get other options in the same master program") and it has also restricted the ELP to allow students to join the Master, who did not have the BA here, and who were also not interested to be therapists in Austria. This is how the RESEARCH MASTER curriculum now came into place. It is basically the same curriculum, with slight modifications about Praktikum and some method-specific classes. But, in a systematic way, so it is more transparent and clear what we are doing, and also for you: which possibilities you have. Again: a research Master does not make you eligible for the license in psychotherapy anymore, but will have a different focus (and more flexibility in the Praktikum).

2. Why Kolloquium I for PA students has no ECTS credits? To pass this exam students read a lot and must present 5 Anamneses. Moreover, it is necessary to go to Innsbruck by train, so the whole procedure takes a really long time. Psychoanalytic students kindly ask you to give them some credits for passing this procedure if it is possible.

- This is a very good point! We have never discussed this so far, but can see that this is actually very time intense work for you. Now, you do know that the Colloquium I is a requirement by the Innsbruck seminar for psychoanalysis (the actual training institute) and is not yet embedded in a curricular lecture at SFU. Because it is a modality specific question, we will forward this issue to Anita Dietrich-Neunkirchner (go to person for PA modality at SFU) and also Jutta Fiegl (who is in charge of many psychotherapy procedures at SFU overall), and discuss it with them. The ELP is quite positive to your request, but it needs to be discussed in detail (which will probably take some time). We will keep you up to date, and maybe in the next winter term this will change. If everyone agrees earlier, we might be able to give extracurricular ECTS even in summer, but we cannot promise yet.

3. After a very interesting lecture with Mrs. McNally on Juvenile Sexual Offenders, we recognized that we have a lack of knowledge in the following fields of Psychotherapy work: forensic psychotherapy, treatment technique with sexual offenders, human trafficing and work with victims of the sex industry etc.

- Very nice feedback, we handed it over to Emma McNally. I taught the class "sexual disorders" in the last semesters, and was thinking on focusing on forensic psychotherapy in the winter term 2014/15. Your feedback convinces me to do so. We were discussing this with Emma and might do a joint class about forensic psychotherapy by Emma McNally, Monika Korber and myself (K. Mörtl) to give you 3 perspectives on forensic psychotherapy by experiences clinicians and researchers

4. If you would like to do German Course at SFU, please contact Dr. Jandl.

5. There is a suggestion, supported by Dr. Toth to buy Grammarly, a program which corrects spelling and other mistakes in essays. Could it be bought before May, so as students have a chance to check their final work?

- Erzsebet Toth has introduced this about one year ago, and has managed to get financial support for this by our university. There was a free account with password that you could use (especially this was promoted in the ELP and the english PHD program). Because not many students used this, no more funding was given to enlongen the Grammarly contract. If you want to use it, you need to get a license for urself now.

Could everybody who needs this program write your name here, if there will be a sufficient number of students we can discuss this question again.
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