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English Gestalt group

Beitragvon nikigyenes am 28 Dez 2013, 10:19

Dear Colleagues,

We have 4-5 students interested in starting an English Gestalt group in 2014 September.
If you would be interested in it too ,please sign up for the list.
If we have enough students ,we can make it :)
Happy New Year,
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Re: English Gestalt group

Beitragvon Kathrin.Moertl am 10 Jan 2014, 17:29


Thanks for your question - even though, nobody answered (YET), the ELP will take this issue up and start an online poll in the forum soon ... asking for your modality choice for next year.
All students now being in B3, entering B4 in summer, should think about this now.

The ELP right now offers:
Systemic Training & Psychoanalytic Training.
Both of these modalities will have admission talks for all interested students in June 2014 (usually this is one individual talk with a supervisor in June, and then a group discussion in autumn). So deciding which modality to take in autumn until May 2014 (at latest) is necessary! Once you are accepted in the modality by the modality supervisors (Systemic: Dr. Mehta, Analytic: Dr. Dietrich-Neunkirchner & Dr. Fischer), you can start to join all modality-specific classes in winter term 2014 (b5 then). The modality specific classes include supervision, group-self-experience, personal therapy, etc.

For joining a modality in B5 (Fachspezifikum), you need to have the Propädeutikum finished - if you do not have it finished by September 2014 (at latest), please contact our office before summer, so we can figure out a solution with and for you!

IF there are many students interested in joining another modality (the German SFU programme also offers: Gestalt and Individual Psychology, sometimes also Transactional Analysis and Existential Analysis), you would have to let us know as soon as possible (February 2014!), because we would need to organize a whole new curriculum for this new modality (teachers who are willing/able to teach in English, specific classes, rooms, etc.). However, also if there are some students interested, we cannot guarantee a third modality for winter term 2014, but we will definitely try to implement it if wanted.

Best, KM
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