(All) Updated info for BA / MA theses

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(All) Updated info for BA / MA theses

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We have slightly (just slightly) edited the information sheets on Bachelor and Master thesis.
In fact the only edit concerns the "Second examination topics": we modified the topics and slightly changed the according staff members who will examine you to the respective topics.

The info material can be found on:
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There at the bottom you will find the whole documents (here is just a descriptive list):

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Bachelor Thesis Information

1.0_BA_How_to_start_and_finish (doc)
1.1_BA_Supervisors (doc)
1.2_BA_Thesis_Proposal (doc)
1.3_BA_Thesis_Guidelines (doc)
1.3b_ BA _Referencing_Guidelines (pdf)
1.4_BA_Thesis_Titlepage (doc)
1.5_BA_Thesis_Declaration (doc)
1.6_BA_Examination_Topics (doc)

Ethics_information (docx)
Ethics_application_form (docx)
Template Study Information (docx)
Template Study Consent (docx)


Master Thesis Information

2.0_MA_How_to_start_and_finish (doc)
2.1_MA_Supervisors (doc)
2.2_ MA _Thesis_Proposal (pdf)
2.3_ MA _Thesis_Guidelines (pdf)
2.3b_ MA _Referencing_Guidelines (pdf)
2.4_ MA _Thesis_Titlepage (doc)
2.5_ MA _Thesis_Declaration (doc)
2.6_MA_Examination_Topics (doc)

Ethics information (docx)
Ethics application form (docx)
Template Study Information (docx)
Template Study Consent (docx)
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