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Literature review - how to use SFU database EBSCO

BeitragVerfasst: 14 Okt 2013, 21:15
von Kathrin.Moertl

Google is one quick way to look for literaure. Google scholar too.
But if you want to look for scientific articles, you will also want to search in the scientific databases for books and articles. EBSCO is such a database, and in here, I will give you a quick guide throught it:

To access EBSCO as SFU student do the following:

Click: Studierende
Enter: user / password (if you do not have one, email me!)
Click: Bibliotheken/Literaturrecherche
Click: Literaturrecherche

Like here:




Then the EBSCO login info opens (in blue).
Note there is a user/password! Note it down.
Click on "SFU Zugang zu EBSCOhost"

Now the EBSCO login page opens.
If you have not noted down the user/password u saw on the blue page above (I had to blank it out here, but u will see it once you are on that website!), go one step back and try again.

Once you open EBSCO, click/check all available databases!
It pretty much works like every search engine, play around with it a bit (author/titles/etc).

EBSCO will find primarily English & German literature. EBSCO will however also find French literature that has an English/German abstract, or English/German literature that comes with a French abstract. EBSCO will only show journals that are ‚registered‘ journals in the given databases (usually academic peer-reviewed journals).
Let’s make a search for the author: GOUNONGBÉ


As you can see above, you also have to look at the first name. In our case it is GOUNONGBÉ A. we are looking for. There is one article!
Now let’s try to find a specific paper written by GOUNONGBÉ called ‚Migration, pathologie du retour et prévention‘. Type in the full title in the text-field:


We did not find it, this means this article is not registered in a peer-reivewed journal of EBSCO. You might need to look elsewhere (directly in the library), but however, EBSCO gives you similar titles that might be interesting to you. This way, browsing will sometimes not get you the direct source for article, but some other interesting and relating literature.
Be aware: EBSCO comes with a pdf-online-access just for some very specific (English) journals. So most of the literature you are looking for, will not be available for download here. EBSCO is a database where you can look for literature, and then you still need to go to a library and borrow it there.

If you have any questions, let me know,
also ask Rachid Bennegadi for French ressources comparable to EBSCO!

Best, KM

Re: Literature review - how to use SFU database EBSCO

BeitragVerfasst: 31 Aug 2019, 22:05
von alex15
Thanks for the information, interesting to know
Will share to my friends

Re: Literature review - how to use SFU database EBSCO

BeitragVerfasst: 14 Sep 2019, 18:56
von AgnesDieGroße
thanks for sharing!