Free accomodation (for April workshop)

Free accomodation (for April workshop)

Beitragvon Kathrin.Moertl am 14 Feb 2012, 20:38

To welcome our french colleagues in Vienna (Workshop 27 - 28 April) for the first time, some students from Vienna will host the French students in their houses for free.

Right now, there are offers from two students:

Moe Levin: 1 place
Max Pritz: 3 places (1 couch and 1 sofabed: 1 couple and 1 single person, or 2 single people)

If you are interested please send me an email ( and I can get you in touch.
Be aware that this offers are posted today, February 14. and might be taken in a couple of days.

Looking forward to meeting you in Vienna,
Kathrin Mörtl
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