Bienvenue & welcome - how to create an account here!

Bienvenue & welcome - how to create an account here!

Beitragvon Kathrin.Moertl am 08 Feb 2012, 17:33

Dear all,

guests to the forum can read all postings in the forums, but if you want to reply to a posting, you need to login (and hence, you need to register a new user).
To register, click the 'Registrieren' button located on the top right corner of the forum.
The first page will be the user license agreement in German - just click "Ich bin mit diesen Bedingungen einverstanden" to get to the next page (don't worry you will be able to check the license agreement in English again). At the next page, start with choosing "British English" from the language dropdown box labeled "Sprache" - now the registration process as well as the forum langauage are switched to English!

Please choose a user name that represents your name - although we are ok with anonymous/nickname posting, you might be deleted by our administrators if you choose a 'spam-like' nickname like "kazuka" or "xman24".
(The reason for this is, that the downside of the all-open-forum [where anybody on the internet can access the pages] is that spam-bots will regulalry create accounts and post advertisement that we delete on a daily basis)
If you have problems registering, or if your account gets deleted/deactivated by mistake, please get in touch with us (

Happy posting!
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