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ALL student discussion group

BeitragVerfasst: 10 Okt 2018, 15:17
von MartinJandl
Dear students,

two of your fellow students ventured to ask me whether or not I agree if they organise a student discussion forum on psychoanalysis and sexuality. After having read over their plan, I was fascinated and they got full agreement. The dates for this discussion group are scheduled in the timetable; furthermore you'll find the dates in the pdf in the attachment.

In this attachment, you'll also find the reading list - that is quite impressive, I've to say. I am pretty sure that you'll have wonderful discussions and everyone participating will have his/her intellectual profit. Beside this most important profit, I am positive of granting research points.

Please, don't forget to register for that discussion forum (details in the pdf). It will start soon!

All the best,
Martin Jandl