[ALL] Jour fixe "transcultural and historical research"

[ALL] Jour fixe "transcultural and historical research"

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Dear students! Dear colleagues!
The „Institute of transcultural and historical research“ at Sigmund Freud University invites you to its first jour fixe, an event which in the future will take place three times per semester. The jour fixe is conceptualised as a platform for discussing guest lectures, SFU projects and research results of students. Everyone is welcome, bring your friends and neighbours. Entrance is free.
The first jour fixe is dedicated to a speech act in English, which will be performed by actress and psychoanalyst in supervision Anna Mendelssohn, who will also invite the audience for a discussion.

Anna Mendelssohn: TRRIGGERRRING – the Feminist Voice.
Transgressing identities, demands and definitions.
A speechact in English language, followed by a discussion.
A white, female actress wishes to talk about feminism. She wants to create a performance that brings together not the history but the multiplicity of angles - race, age, class, gender, origin. How can she contain the multiple and mutable spectrum of an entire political movement - the black, the muslim, the transgender, the middle, working class WOMAN? Or is it the other way around, because the purpose of feminism is not to make a particular type of woman. The singular character - ‘The Feminist’ – simply does not exist.

Tuesday, March 13, 6:30 pm
Festsaal SFU (Freudplatz 1, 1020 Wien)
Attendance at the event can be rewarded with research points or as a window of opportunity.
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