Student representative?

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Student representative?

Beitragvon Kathrin.Moertl am 17 Sep 2014, 17:47

Hello all,

I am writing this here, because I hope to inspire a student discussion.
The ELP as of now has no officially voted student representative. This means, that in the last vote of the SFU student council, no ELP student has registered as possible representative.

Usually the student rep (last year it was Alla Kirsha) is invited to our ELP team meetings oncea month. This was always a very fruitful and productive work. It facilitated that your voice (after you talked to your student rep) was immediately heard by the team and we usually tried to react / resolve or clarify issues then. Also, we could inform the student rep about future changes and plans in the programme and include her (= your) ideas and reflect the concerns.

It would be great if you think about starting a new initiative to vote for an ELP student representative.
Maybe you can see yourself as future student rep?

If you have any questions how this could work ... either contact the German student reps (emails can be found at the website, STUVE), or write me an email and I cant get you some info and contacts.

Best wishes, Kathrin Moertl
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