Placement feedback from students

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Placement feedback from students

Beitragvon Jolene am 05 Dez 2013, 16:22

Hi there,
The B1s recently met with Mag. Moritz regarding propädeutikum placements in institutions outside of the SFU clinic. It would be great to hear about the experiences other students have had (good, bad, simply descriptive, etc...), your personal recommendations, and any good advice you may have when it comes to picking an institution. Hope to hear from you! Thanks for your input!
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Re: Placement feedback from students

Beitragvon Kathrin.Moertl am 06 Dez 2013, 15:12

Great idea,
also looking forward to seeing the feedback! Best,KM
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Re: Placement feedback from students

Beitragvon Sasha am 10 Dez 2013, 21:48

I've been making my practicum at Arbeitskreis Noah (in Nowo21). I liked it, thought it really depends on the place and people (there are other WGs with different children and colleagues).
It was very challenging with German language, especially because children and workers sometimes use dialect, but it was not impossible, even with my B1/1 at that point.
I would really suggest to do practicum there during the period, when there is an ongoing supervision in SFU, because at certain points I'd wish to have one, but it was during the summer and a kind of supervision they were offering...lets say, sometimes didn't feel enough for me. (I'm as well not the person, who is particularly talented in communication with children, so who knows, your experience may differ)
But after all, most people working there I found open and supportive, children curious and rather willing to accept a stranger. I for sure had fun and learned a lot.
It is definitely a good place for those, who think they would want to work with kids in their future career ;)
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Re: Placement feedback from students

Beitragvon Jolene am 02 Jan 2014, 11:48

Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback.... I'm going to check it out!
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