Cisco VPN Specialist | Role, Job Description & salary

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Cisco VPN Specialist | Role, Job Description & salary

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Besides deploying maintain VPN networks, specialists configure and implement IT devices and equipment and handle inventory tracking.

Specialists plan, prepare, and deploy changes on Cisco 2 and Layer 3 switches, routers of Cisco and Juniper Routers, maintain all routers and switches models of Cisco so that they can provide higher design related support to the team that manages incidents.

Cisco VPN Specialist | Role, Job Description & salary

Specialists assist in assessing and providing creative solutions to Security Endpoint products. They also help in designing and deploying them. They probe into emerging network technologies and make suggestions for the business needs of the future. Cisco VPN Engineers assess tests, recommend and execute specialized network solutions.

Specialists study, identify and handle vendors to obtain the network related hardware, software, and services. Analysts evaluate and provide creative solutions to design projects and network engineering.

In addition, they need to have extensive knowledge of Cisco Anyconnect Endpoint Product and Security Endpoint Systems. Specialists need to take part in business discussions with the stakeholders on a requirement basis. They need to take remedial actions based on clients’ feedback. They plan on building a team as per the requirements of new projects.
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