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Resarch Points Offer: Qualitative Res. Lab

BeitragVerfasst: 20 Nov 2014, 11:51
von Kathrin.Moertl
Hello all,

if you want to collect more research points for your curriculum (B1 students only; students from higher levels do not need the research points yet), you can come participate in our qualitative research lab.
The research lab is a monthly meeting of students writing their BA/MA/PHD thesis using qualitative methods. The labs faciliate a space to exchange between students and two supervisors (Kathrin Mörtl & Ivana Dragic).

More info here:

If you want to participate, please contact me in advance, we can accomodate a maximum of 2 guests per research lab session.
Next lab:
THU, 11.12., 2-5pm, room 505

Best wishes, Kathrin Moertl