Publish your BA / MA / PHD thesis in an online journal!

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Publish your BA / MA / PHD thesis in an online journal!

Beitragvon Kathrin.Moertl am 26 Mai 2014, 14:34

SFU has started an official (ISSN number and DOI number registered) online journal: the Research Bulletin. Besides articles from distinguished researchers, we also want to offer this platform for extraordinary Bachelor and Master theses to be published. If you think your thesis is such an extraordinary work, of if your supervisor has given you this feedback once, think about it. It is good for your CV! If you have any questions about it, post it here or send me an email. I will also be available as first informal reviewer to you, to give you feedback once you decide to hand an article in.

If you are PHD student who is close to finish/or has just finished, a publication could be a fruitful final step to your PHD journey. Have a look also.

More information you can find here: ... r-authors/

Best, Kathrin Moertl
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