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[Research Masters] Research PRAKTIKUM information!

Beitragvon Kathrin.Moertl am 03 Apr 2014, 17:07

Dear students who chose the Research Master curriculum
(this info is not valid for students who do the Fachspezifikum!)

You know that besides some clinical work (Praktikum, and work in the international clinic), you need to fill 275 hours with research praktikum in your Master. Now, what counts as research praktikum, what external possibilities do you have and what kind of research praktikum do we offer in house?

- Work in a research project at SFU
- For a list of current project in our english language programme goto the research websites on our http://www.sfu.ac.at/english. There you will find an excel table with all running projects, and you might ask the responsible project investigator if they have some space to take you on as a praktikant.
- For the same praktikum as just mentioned, there is also a German research website for SFU: http://forschung.sfu.ac.at . Once you click "Forschungsaktivitäten" you will get a list of current research projects both in the German programme and the ELP, as well as in psychology.
- You can also engage in an external psychotherapy research project. If you work with an external researcher (research group), please shortly register this work with us (in an email to kathrin.moertl@sfu.ac.at) and then bring a confirmation of the hours from the responsible external research coordinator. Any kind of research about psychotherapy (including social science studies, empirical as well as theoretical, quantitative/qualitative, etc.) is accepted as a research praktikum.

- Register for SFU research excursions
- The ELP offers the second research excursion to Malawi / South-East Africa this year. In this excursion you travel to Malawi for 3 weeks in a group and conduct field research. There are preparatory meetings starting in May 2014, excursion will take place in August 2014. This research excursion also includes a publication process after the excursion, in total you receive 200 Praktikum hours.
- if you spot another research excursion (outside of SFU, maybe at Hauptuni Wien, etc.), you might also be able to receive Praktikum hours. In this case come see Kathrin Moertl who will check and organize!

- Visit extra-curricular courses at SFU
- All classes (reading seminars mainly) that are offered additionally in the curriculum count as research praktikum. 1 ECTS point = 25 hours. Look out for extra-curricular classes in your time schedule (e.g.: reading seminar psychoanalysis and society, seminar architecture and psyche)
- Workshops offered at SFU (again 1 ECTS = 25hours praktikum time), e.g. the Atlas.ti workshops, interview trainings, workshop philosophy, etc.
- Research Labs. Being part of a research lab (right now we have 3: The qualitative research lab [ Kathrin Moertl ], The philosophy research lab [ Martin Jandl ], The transcultural research lab [ Christine Korischek, Moya Malamusi, Johannes Reichmayr ]) provide space for discussing research projects, and this time also counts as praktikum. Research labs usually have a limitation to a maximum number of participants, so please contact the teachers early, you might have to wait one semester to get in!
- careful: extracurricular classes up to now were put into the curriculum supplement (Sammelzeugnis). You can only count them once of course, either on the curriculum supplement (=voluntary academic engagement) OR research Praktikum (=in your case more necessary)

- Read a book and publish a book review
- Book reviews are often the first publication for young researchers. So choose an interesting and contemporary book. Write a critical book review about it, and then look for a journal to publish it. You will get support in this by Dr. Kathrin Mörtl who will give you feedback for writing. Also our SFU online journal is a good option for your first publication: http://forschungsbulletin.sfu.ac.at . Depending on how much work goes into this, usually 2 ECTS points (=50 hours for the praktikum) are granted.

- Do a literature review and publish a critical review
- Similar to the book review, you can also choose an interesting topic that has current relevance in psychotherapy research. Do a literature review, and write a critical statement, a critical article on an issue and publish it. You will get support in this by Dr. Kathrin Mörtl who will give you feedback for writing. Also our SFU online journal is a good option for your first publication: http://forschungsbulletin.sfu.ac.at . Depending on how much work goes into this, usually 3 ECTS points (=75 hours for the praktikum)

- Present your thesis at a scientific conference
- If you register to present your thesis at a scientific conference we will also give you research praktikum hours for this. For the presentation of a poster usually 1 ECTS (25 hours) and for an oral presentation of your work (panel presentation or symposium, etc.) 1.5 ECTS (around 40 hours)

- Create your own reading/discussion/movie group and register it with us
- If you want to found your own student group where you read and discuss literature, or you watch a movie and discuss it on a regular basis, you can register this (just come and see Kathrin Moertl) as a SFU student research group. You need to document the meetings (each meeting needs a protocol!, document what do you read and when does it take place, who is present, who is the organizer of the group) and then also receive hours for the praktikum. Usually a reading group (like in the reading seminars) meets 6 times for 2 hours, including preparation work (reading) you will be granted 1 ECTS (=25 hours).

- Take on minor research assistant jobs
- For various projects (which you can find in our current research project list - see above link) staff members might need temporary research assistance. The works for this minor research assistance can be: translatation, transcriptions, copying, reviewing some literature, preparing a powerpoint presentation, assisting in the organization of a meeting/conference, etc. Depending in how much work you invest, you will be accredited research praktikum.

You need to get a confirmation of these research praktikum hours. Please, before you engage in activities, shortly come and see me (Kathrin Moertl), so we can plan the hours ahead and then we will be glad to support you in you in this and write the confirmation for you in accordance with the relevant staff member of SFU.

We are working on expanding the above list, and if you have any suggestions for other tasks please let us know (here in the forum, or in the ELP office) then we will discuss it in our team.
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