(All) All empirical BA/MA projects need ethics approval

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(All) All empirical BA/MA projects need ethics approval

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Just as a reminder ...
if you choose to do an empirical thesis (BA, MA or PHD) - which means you include subjects (students, patients, teachers, etc.) that you investigate (interviews, questionnaires, observation, etc.), you need to hand in an ETHICS APPLCIATION before you start with your data collection. This is actually easier than it sounds, because we have prepared templates for you.

You can find the documents at the bottom here.

Just as a short guideline:

1. Fill in the ethics application (shortly, shouldnt take longer than 1/2 hour of your time)
2. Prepare the study information (shortly, will take you 15 minutes)
3. Put together the application, the study information sheet and the consent form (3 minutes)
4. Bring all documents to the German PTW Office (3rd floor) to Fr. Eva Schwarzl (depending on where you live: 5-55 minutes)

Usually you receive feedback on approval / or modifications in 1-2 weeks - you can pick up the approval again in the German PTW Office!
Once you have approval you can start your project. Be aware that:

1. You need to give each participant a study information!
2. YOu need to collect and archive the signed consent form for each participant in a safe spot (to assure anonymity!)!

Happy researching,
- if you have any questions concerning this, please dont hesitate to write me an email, I will certainly assist you with this!
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