[ALL-SF] information letter-Dr. Mehta

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[ALL-SF] information letter-Dr. Mehta

Beitragvon UFenz am 17 Sep 2019, 08:45

Dear systemic student,
welcome in the new semester. I guess the emphasis now is getting into or proceed with concrete professional work, being Psychotherapeut*in in Ausbildung unter Supervision and in addition doing the academic work to finalize the studies. Writing the magister thesis makes one also more lonely than going to classes. So many things change - wishing you good transitions to make the next steps in your career.
As a Neue*r Selbständige*r you can write bills for delivering psychotherapy sessions – also in private practice. But being a student and perhaps being here with the student visa, only a certain amount of income is possible for you? Please make yourself acquainted with all the necessary laws, from income tax to student allowances. Many therapists are willing to rent their rooms for a few hours a week….. You can advertise over the net, and otherwise.
When growing out of the student status, laws change. Please make yourself prepared for that also. In Case you want to go home or elsewhere before having finished your 630 hours of practice, there is a way to finish nonetheless, in case you can work therapeutically wherever you will be then. Arezou and l have done intense back and forth sending of protocols that were protected by passwords so that a supervision process could be guaranteed. That is also possible for others. Please talk about possibilities first . In Case you want to stay here- you know you need a high German proficiency level to be able to get the allowance to practise Psychotherapie in Austria. Magister and all requirements of Fachspezifikum are necessary, including a semesterpaper- case reflection- for every semester. A few of you need still some seminars- Most of you can follow German- and ask for translation or repeat – it is useful for all perhaps.
For your professional PRAXIS (at least 630 hours during studies) YOU NEED TO WRITE A PROTOCOL FOR EVERY SESSION; groups,couples and families can have double sessions (1 protocol for 1 meeting)
THE OFFICIAL PROTOCOL contains THE LOCATION THERAPY TAKES PLACE; NAMES OF THERAPIST AND CLIENT; ADRESS AND HOW TO REACH THE CLIENT; CONTINUAL DATES AND NUMBER OF THE SESSIONS; WHO IS PRESENT; HONORARIUM; DIAGNOSIS; MEDICATION; ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND EXTRAORDINARY EVENTS AND AGREEMENTS; (in SFU Ambulanz you have the log- sheet). A list with all sessions that you conducted needs to be signed by a Lehrtherapeut*in, after they have controlled the protocols- please take care of that continually. The SFU provides you with such a list.
The personal part of the protocol that the Lehrtherapeut*in needs to see contains your notes and reflection and needs to be given continually to the Lehrtherapeut*in: It needs to have following parts at least (many of you use the sheet with a lot of points to systematically reflect- not all points need/ can be filled out every time due to situation).
• What was the session all about? – In the end you know that,
• the goal in beginning is different, but should also be listed and referred to during the session
• Content and process during session, keywords,
• important new information
• interventions and what worked, did not work
• your own reflection, personal reactions, opinions, professional hypotheses, and
• ideas for next session.
In the Status you need to write a case reflection every semester- that is the proof of your advancement in case reflection, case understanding and professional handling. If there is ever a complaint about your work, the case reflection also can be proof that you are professional and understand your job well. So please do not add one protocol and the next. Writing protocols serves your day to day work. A case reflection should deepen your understanding of the whole psychotherapeutic process and also reflect your managing the therapeutic relationship professionally and show your proficiency.
• Parts of the presentation should be:
• Why you select / describe this therapy process
• Description of the clients, client system, life circumstances
• Circumstances of therapy – setting, timings, participants, and ideas about setting
• Referrals, starting points, beginning of therapy.
• Goals + what should be different in the end of therapy
• Own ideas in the beginning, hypotheses, planned approaches
• Key points, important moments, special metaphors, wordings, turning points
• Observed changes
• Successful and less successful interventions
• relational aspects of therapeutic process
• what could l have made differently, what did l not understand before? what did l forget…?
• Interventions including reference of articles and books
• What is the status quo while writing or at the end of therapy
• My own learning process
Details to conceptual work to the case
What preferred therapy concept did you use and what techniques did that involve
• Systemic and other concepts to setting, problems, clients …
• Applied concepts and used techniques
• My ideas and practice about these methods, theory…
• Theoretical background –and reference to literature
• Citations as linkage to these theories
• List of literature

And there need to be 2 recordings of therapeutic sessions that we need to discuss in supervision. We also could arrange a special class for that- but that needs coordination and all internat. students need to come then. L would prefer that, as it creates a better climate for reflecting.
This semester are few seminars in English- you had the seminar with Imre Remenyi about love, relationship, diversity and Nov 22+23 with Miran Mozina, the head of the SFU Ljubljana about the method of river of life (originally by Peter Nemecek)
The week before - Jürgen Hargens, visits us and will give a presentation about language- in GERMAN, Nov 14, 19.30 in SFU and read from his novels in ÖAS the next day 19.30. In the novels you can listen to internal talks from therapists- quite interesting! He is the founder of an important German systemic journal „Zeitschrift für systemische Therapie und Beratung“, and has published numerous contributions, academic and literature and visited us for many years. We are glad that he comes again this November.
The morning supervision with Frau Hedwig Wagner has moved to Fridays 9.30-12.30 once a month. Usually students enjoy the intimacy of small groups there. So please use that possibility. Fr 6.9.+ 11.10. +8.11.+6.12.2019+10.1.+7.2.2020, incl Propädeutikumsst.10..10.+21.11.2019,12-16h.
27.+28.9. we welcome the new Systemic group- some of them come from other countries, and speak diverse languages, what will help us having a continuation of therapies in different languages also in systemic in the Ambulanz in future. Please help them to orient themselves.
In case you need something or want to discuss an issue, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Gerda Mehta (mehta@aon.at, 06766258252)
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