B4 Forms of psychosocial intervention II - important info

B4 Forms of psychosocial intervention II - important info

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SFU ELP – Forms of Psychosocial Interventions II (practical part, Dr. Korber)

Dear students (B4),

please have a look at the following informations re. the course “Forms of Psychosocial Interventions II” on 13, 14 and 17 of June (9 am – 1 pm):

Thursday 13 of June: Please be at SFU at 9 am sharp (for organisational reasons and also for the intro re. your presentation). We shall have 1 field trip on both days (different schedules). We’ll travel as a group (approx. 1/2 hour, no individual travelling to these places); further details on Thursday morning.

Friday 14 of June (field trip outside Vienna): We’ll travel by train (approx. 1 hour, no individual travelling to this place - all details on Thursday).

On both days we will be back at the SFU no later than 1 pm.
On Thursday morning, there will be provided a booklet and a list of psychosocial facilities. You can choose one of these to prepare a presentation (10 minutes, max.). In case you prefer to talk about an organization/project etc. which is not mentioned on this list, please feel free to do so;

The aim of the presentation is also to inform your fellow students about the facility regarding
o target-groups
o which services are offered
o aim
o structure
o sponsor - financing
o and/or other issues you do consider as relevant

Monday, 17 of June (9 am – 1 pm): presentation of the psychosocial facility/project which you chose and prepared (powerpoint or similar is ok, but not a must).

Looking forward to our good cooperation.

Kind regards

Dr. Monika Korber
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