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[ALL] questionnaire for 1 Research point

BeitragVerfasst: 04 Jun 2019, 09:38
von UFenz
Dear Students,

you have the opportunity to earn 1 Research Point by filling the following questionnaire. Please make a screenshot of the last page of the questionnaire and presented to Miss Fenz in order to earn your research point.
“We are not only interested in what you think, but are also curious about what your girlfriends, your mother and your grandmother think of the financial affairs of a woman. Therefore, after you have sent your answers, please help us and forward this link of questionnaire to people you know. We also believe that it is a wonderful opportunity to share your experiences with them.
This initiative under the provocative title "DAMENSACHE" is the core project of Dr. med. Marietta Babos, Ambassador of the theme "Protection against old-age poverty". It works as an independent hub on the topic with the Ministry of Family Affairs, with numerous companies and as part of a joint project from 2019 also with students of the Vienna University of Economics and Business.
As a thank you will receive the key results of the study. You can decide for yourself in which form you would like to have it. You are welcome to become part of our community as well.”
Please click on the following link: ... i4_SQy3-Io